Hi, I’m Andrej, I help high-growth SaaS companies to get their services to market faster.

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If you are looking for a seasoned veteran software developer who will take all the fuss, hassle, and guesswork out of software development, look no further. I'm a software engineer with years of experience under my belt, and I’m here to solve all your software problems. Guaranteed.

Andrej was the first mobile developer to join the team when we were still a small startup. He really helped us build our technology and scale the business. We loved having him around.
Founder, FELFEL AG
Andrej always found an elegant solution to any problem, no matter how difficult. Since day one, Andrej has supported us in all aspects: From the first POC to the complete planning and implementation of the front-end architecture, we always have been able to rely on him.
Co-Founder, codeto GmbH
Andrej brings a lot of creativity to every project that he works on. He always provides the highest quality work that often surpasses expectations, while putting forth a good amount of effort. If you need someone to do anything from small one-off tasks to complex large-scale development efforts, Andrej is the right man for the job.
Fah Yik
Former Tech Lead, FELFEL AG
I had the pleasure to work with Andrej for more than a full year. Apart from his deep technical expertise I really appreciated his out-of-the-box thinking, especially that he always challenged my viewpoint, not just from a technical, but also from a conceptual perspective, when necessary. This lead to a lot of very fruitful discussions, from which our company and products benefitted immensly.
Partner, codeto GmbH
Andrej is a sharp mind and critical thinker. He does have an eye for details without losing the big picture. He provides high quality code with established coding best practices. Overall, he is a great personal fit for a fast-paced startup environment.
Co-Founder, smargy GmbH
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Get results based on
your needs.

If you have questions, I have the answers. If you have problems, I have the solutions. If you need help, I’m here to help you:

  • Avoid common (and expensive) mistakes

  • Flesh out your first MVP

  • Manage your resources and estimate costs

  • Get valuable insights from my 10+ years of experience

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies

My Services

Web Development

I offer a broad spectrum of web development services to fully tap into the capabilities offered by moderns technologies.


I understand what makes a software project succeed or fail. I can help you get your project off the ground, keep it growing and protect it from pitfalls once it gets big.

Landing Pages

I am passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and user-friendly websites and landing pages that convert to paying clients.

Project Management

I’ve been leading software development projects since 2014. Scrum, Kanban or freestyle - I got you covered.

UX/UI Design

I'm not a professional UI/UX designer, but if you like this page, I may be able to help you with your next project.

Mobile Development

End-to-end mobile app development in React Native. Business analysis, consulting, testing and deployment.

Case Studies

Planr Logo

PLANR allows users to schedule and manage projects, vacancies, absences and tools in one central location so that all teams always know what they need to do.

Case Study
Planr Screenshot
Planr Screenshot
Smargy Screenshot
Smargy Logo

Smargy is a web platform that interfaces with IoT sensors & Loxone mini-servers to monitor energy consumption, distribute excess energy from solar panels and provide detailed insights in real-time.

Case Study
Planr Logo

First Steps With #1 Swiss Food-Tech Startup

Case Study
Dovera Logo

Dôvera EP is a web platform built for #1 private health insurance company in Slovakia using React, Redux, CSS in JS and TypeScript.

Case Study
Dovera Screenshot
Moja Dovera Screenshot

About Me

As a software engineer, I’m driven by the marvels we can witness when a project looks and runs perfectly, so I’m dedicated to clear away the obstacles of development, and build applications with the capacity of adaptation, scalability and seamless efficiency.

I also take joy in blending the mechanics of engineering with creativity, all to create highly sensorial, effective products that provide a complete experience for the user (and inspire by its design).

Andrej Jurkin
Senior Software Engineer

Give Your Brand The Edge That It Needs

With over a decade of experience, I give shape to your dreams through my services.

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