Dôvera EP

A large-scale enterprise application, 100k+ active users


Web platform built for #1 private health insurance company in Slovakia

The app was built for a leading health insurance company in Slovakia - Dôvera. Dôvera EP is intended to be used by more than 100 thousand clients. It handles large amount of data regarding the day to day operations between the insurance company and the clients. It allows clients to work with their documents, invoices, messages and much more.


My initial task was to implement a proof of concept in React based on a previous old solution that had been in use for a long time. In just three months I was able to deliver a first version of POC based on which Dôvera decided to migrate their current consumer application from ASP .NET to React in order to boost performance and improve user experience.


My role

As a lead front-end engineer I worked closely with stakeholders, UI/UX designers, QA and back-end developers. I was responsible to manage client expectations and coordinated the communication between the internal teams. Being in a lead role, I architected and implemented all major features and delegated tasks to junior developers.


Moja Dôvera

A web app developed for the parents of newborns and toddlers



The app was built in React 16.8+, Redux, CSS in JS and Typescript. It is an informational and supportive web application for the parents of newborns and toddlers. Built for the leading health insurance company in Slovakia, Moja Dovera includes a high volume of data and information for the users.

As a lead front-end engineer, I worked closely with other team members through the length of this project. I architected and implemented major features in the app, delegated the tasks to other team members and monitored the entire development process.


About the app

The app works with data from official doctor’s reports. It keeps appointment calendar, charts and reminds about mandatory vaccinations. It also keeps a track of medical record and informs about the milestones in the growth process of a child that helps parents understand child’s psychology, mental and physical capabilities, growth needs, and how they should address them.


What we've achieved

Both apps have been successfully released to production. They gained very positive feedback from the clients as well as the upper management.


  • React 16.8+
  • Redux
  • CSS in JS
  • Typescript

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